How To Prevent ChatGPT & AI From Endangering Your Career

Artificial intelligence (AI) has tenfolded marketers' capacity to develop content almost overnight.

The marketing community is getting closer to realizing its goals of expediting research, ideation, distribution, analysis, and iteration across all creative media with the expected Q1 2023 introduction of GPT-4 (text, audio, image, and video).

Designers, copywriters, and other types of marketers are concerned as AI becomes more and more touted, and they are asking:

Top Concerns About AI and Job Security

  1. Would AI lead to the extinction of my SEO or content marketing careers?
  2. How Might AI Help Me in My Work in Digital Marketing?
  3. How Can SEO, PPC, and Paid Media Experts Integrate AI?
  4. How Can I Become Skilled At Integrating AI Into My Marketing Work In A Safe Manner For My Career?

How Can I Develop Career-Safe AI Integration Skills for My Marketing Job?

For this reason, we've included an AI In Advertising track to the Ad World 2023 online conference this year.

Let's address some of your most urgent inquiries concerning marketing AI in the interim.

Would AI lead to the extinction of my career in content marketing or SEO?

The quick response is no. Your work in digital marketing won't be taken by AI.

The extended response: AI will increase touch points and speed up testing, enhancing both your professional and personal bandwidth.

The good news about AI is that it won't "take over everything humans do," either.

How Might AI Help Me in My Work in Digital Marketing?

ChatGPT and other AI technologies will:

  • Provide you resources that will help you understand creative briefs.
  • Allow information-sharing pitches that are more precise and swift.
  • Improve client interactions inside marketing agency partnerships and between divisions.
  • Find tool integrations that give you a certain advantage over the competition.
  • Spend less effort on analysis and idea generation.
  • Try out more marketing and creative ideas.
  • enable the introduction of more goods and marketing initiatives in less time.
  • Make copywriting and design more approachable for small firms so that they are better equipped to expand into creative competence later on.

How Can PPC, Paid Advertising, and SEO Experts Use AI?

For marketers and SEO specialists, incorporating AI enables more thorough creative testing and more frequent asset refreshes at a fraction of the initial time, resource, and financial outlay.

Your workflows will be improved by automatic:

  • creation of keyword concepts.
  • Hooks and scripts for video ads.
  • unique images in high resolution.
  • Headlines, description lines, and extensions for Performance Max and Google Responsive Search Advertising.
  • For Facebook ads and posts, the key texts should be the headlines and descriptions.
  • captions for posts and ads on TikTok.
  • Email campaign subject lines, subheaders, and body text.
  • Shopify product descriptions.
  • landing pages and articles with SEO optimization.

You know, unique material tends to be underutilized, but with AI it will be disseminated across more platforms, in more formats, and in record time, making marketing efforts and content development more valuable. As a result, creating unique material will become more lucrative than ever. What you can do is:

  • Publish summaries of video transcripts as blog and carousel posts (eg. ChatGPT).
  • convert blog entries into videos (eg. Lumen5).
  • Using basic text, create movies with Artificial voices (eg. Synthesia).
  • By making material more comprehensible to customers with visual or hearing impairments via text-to-voice generation (such as Play.ht) or voice-to-text transcription, you may increase your chances of conversion (eg. Descript).

The list goes on and on.

The lesson here is that AI is not the vast monster you would imagine it to be. It is the tool marketers need to overcome the obstacles, limitations, and defects they have encountered in their everyday job.

Try out ChatGPT, Writesonic, Jasper, or Copy.ai, and you'll see that AI doesn't do anything except improve your talents. You may become more imaginative, focused, and adaptive than ever with a little work. Imagine having the abilities of sci-fi characters Lucy or Eddie (Limitless).

The truth is that with AI's ability to quickly digest data and make content, we have entered a new world with limitless potential. a world of marketing where finding message/market fit and growing campaigns are the main priorities rather than racing against the clock.

It is therefore not a matter of if you will master AI, but rather how.

How Can I Develop Career-Safe AI Integration Skills for My Marketing Job?

A brand-new AI in Advertising course is available at this year's Ad World Conference to help you get started.

During March 29–30, attend Ad World from the convenience of your home. With our knowledgeable speakers, including marketing guru Seth Godin, discuss the AI revolution and delve deeply into how marketers can utilize AI.

  • Learn ChatGPT prompts and produce original, attention-grabbing material quickly.
  • Automate effective SEO strategies with little money.
  • reduce your research efforts.
  • endlessly come up with original concepts.
  • Rapid parallel hypothesis testing and business growth using data-driven experimentation.

You will hear from businesses like Jasper, Zapier, Craftly, Unbounce, and others that are at the forefront of marketing and advertising using AI.

Also, you will learn about the machine learning future (including potential hazards and benefits) and how it will impact the sector.

You will leave the conference with a fresh creative mind and a new perspective on development experiments.

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